This Tutorial was written using PSP X2
But any version should work.
Supplies Needed ~
Template 43 by Kristin of Kristin's Wicked Scraps which you can download from her blog HERE
Babe's Designz Mask 40 , you can get that from her blog HERE
I love rock and roll FTU kit which you can pick up On LadyQueen's PSP creations HERE
And Tube of your Choice.
I'm using the work of Elias Chatzoudis, Which you MUST have a license to use!
You can get one and purchase his work at MPT HERE
Filters Used ~
Eye Candy 4000 (Gradient glow, Glass)
Xero (Fritillary)
Ok Let's get started!
Open up template, delete copyright layer,  Image,canvas size 700x700.
Open your tube of choice. Copy and paste as new layer.
Place toward the left hand side.
Add drop shadow~ 1,1,40,10.26
Select star 1, Selections, select all, float, defloat, Layers, new raster layer
Make a gradient with two colors to match your tube. Settings ~ Linear, Angle 0, Repeats 0
Flood fill star 1 with gradient. Select none. Delete original star 1 layer.
On your star layer, go to Effects, Xero, Fritillary Settings~ 4,21,7,21. Ok
Now, go to Effects again, Eye candy 4000, Gradient Glow, Settings~ White, Fat, 3.00,25,100 ok.
Add drop shadow.
Repeat all the above steps to Star 2 layer, only when you flood fill with gradient, hit invert
Select note fill layer. Selections, select all, float, defloat, Layers, new raster layer
Make another gradient out of colors to match your tube, same settings. And flood fill note fill layer. Selections none. Delete original layer.
Select words layers, change blend mode to overlay. Add drop shadow.
Select note frame layer, Effects, Eye candy 4000, Glass, Settings ~ Aqua, ok.
Add drop shadow.
Select notes layer, Selections, select all, float, defloat, Layers, new raster layer
Flood fill with colors of choice to match your tag.
Effects, Eye candy 4000, gradient glow, same settings as before, ok. Add drop shadow.
Delete original layer.
Select dots layer, change blend mode to overlay.
Select bottom white layer, Layers, new raster layer.
Open paper 12 from kit and flood fill new layer with it.
Open your mask. Layers, new mask from image. Find mask in drop down menu, make sure invert is selected.
Layers, merge group.
Open I love rock and roll word art from kit. Copy and paste, just above mask layer. Add drop shadow.
Open up ticket stub of choice and colorize to match your tag (opptional)
Resize by 52%, and copy and paste as new layer just above your white background layer
Image, free rotate, and rotate by 30 to the left. Add drop shadow
Add any other elements you want to your tag. I added a couple of different size flowers to mine
Delete white background, and merge visible.
Now you can resize the tag to your liking. I resized mine by 90%.
Add copyright info and your name!
I used Dirty and classic font, added gradient glow, medium, with drop shadow.
Save as a PNG image
All done!
This tutorial was written by me on July 10 ,2009
And any similarity to any other  tutorial is purely coincidental.
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