Supplies Needed:
Seaside scrap kit by Leigh Of Heartfelt Perfections which you can get from her blog  HERE
This is a PTU kit.
 Melissaz Creationz Template 80 which you can get HERE
 Urban Fairytales Mask 30 which you can get HERE
Tube of choice.
I'm using the work of Suzanne Woolcott which you MUST have a license to use.
You can get one and purchase her work HERE
Filters Needed:
If you don't want to animate, you don't need any filters.
Flaming Pear (flood)
Eye Candy 4000 (glass, and gradient glow) these I used on the text and are optional.
Ok, Let's get started!
Open template.
X out info layer, square frames, squares, rectangle frame and rectangle layers.
Select Light circle layer.
Open seaside shell frame. Copy and paste as new layer.
Add drop shadow~ 1,1,40 .10.25
Copy and paste your tube of choice, bring to top layer.
Move your small top circle layer to the top.
If your using the same tube as me, since it "cuts off" I arranged the circle to cover that part of the tube.
If you are using a different tube, just arrange it or resize it to your liking.
Ok, now select your tube layer,
Layers duplicate.
On the bottom tube layer go to Adjust, Blur, gaussian blur, settings 3.00, ok.
Select top tube layer, and change blend mode to soft light
Merge together the 2 tube layers, and add the same drop shadow as above.
Select your dark circle layer. Selections, select all, float, defloat
Open paper 7 from kit, copy and paste as new layer. Selections, invert, delete.
Add drop shadow, and delete original dark circle layer
Select light circle layer, Selections, select all, float, defloat.
Open seaside water paper, copy and paste as new layer, Selections, invert, delete
Select none.
Delete original light circle layer.
Select swirls layer, Selections, select all, float, defloat.
Open paper 6, copy and paste as new layer, Selections, invert, delete. Select none
Add drop shadow, and delete original swirls layer
Select small circle, and using the same process, copy and paste paper 7.
Layers, new raster layer, send to bottom.
Now make a gradient using 2 colors that match your tag. Settings: Linear, Angle 27, Repeats 2, ok.
And flood fill your new layer.
Open your mask.
Layers, new mask from image, choose your mask from the drop down menu, making sure invert is selected. OK, merge group.
With Mask layer still selected, copy and past seaside net 2 as new layer.
Now copy and paste seaside glitter 6 as new layer.
Open seaside shells, and resize by 61%
copy and paste as new layer, move this layer to the top. And arrange shells over the small circle layer, add drop shadow.
Now is the time to resize your tag if you'd like
 Go to image, resize, making sure all layers is checked.
And resize to your liking.
Adjust, sharpen, and click once.
Using Mr dafoe text, I typed out "Peace and tranquility"
You can put whatever you like.
I also added Eye Candy 4000, glass, settings Aqua,default to my text Then added Gradient glow, settings: Fat, 3.00, 25, 100
And added drop shadow
Add your copyrights, and your name.
 Ok, if you DO NOT want to animate your done and can save your tag as a PNG image.
If you DO want to animate continue! :)
 Select raster 3 layer.
Selections, select all, float, defloat.
Go to Effects, Flaming Pear, flood
Use the following settings:


Select none.
Edit, copy special, copy merged, and paste into animation shop.
Go back to PSP, Edit, undo select none, and undo flood.
Go back to flood effect and hit random
Copy and paste into animation shop, after currant frame
Go back and repeat steps a third time
In animation shop, Animation frame properties and change to 30
Animation properties, Opaque, white.
Save as a gif image, All done!
This tutorial was writting by me on July 23,2009
And any similarity to any other  tutorial is purely coincidental.
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